Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store

Online shop (Ε-shop)

The E-shop is the most appropriate way for a business to operate commercially, to enter the field of commerce through digital technology.

The E-shop includes the whole process of e-commerce and concerns the retail or wholesale sale of natural and digital products and services on the internet.

With the rapid development of the internet, the modern professional must now have an effective E-shop for his business.


Online shop (Ε-shop)

With an online store (E-shop) you can sell your products or services online worldwide, coming out 100% profitable.

  • Client Increase
  • Sales increase
  • Increase Profit

All companies now want to get the part that belongs to them in the big online market ... You?

Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store Intralob - E-shop - Online Store


  • Categorization of products at unlimited levels
  • Detailed presentation of each product or service
  • Detailed view of products with images and gallery
  • Discount / Offer / Gift System
  • Wholesale & Partnership System
  • Member Loyalty Club
  • Offer system with reverse measurement
  • Full payment support: Bank deposit, Credit cards, Paypal
  • Unlimited languages ​​(Multi language)
Intralob - E-shop - Online Store
  • Ability to register as a customer or partner
  • Search with complex search (full text)
  • Navigation filters (price, size, color, etc.)
  • Favorite Product Basket (Wish list)
  • Shopping Basket
  • Calculation of postage
  • Possibility of One Page Checkout
  • Ability to register for newsletters
  • Compliant with the European GDPR Regulation
Intralob - E-shop - Online Store
  • Automatic update of the administrator for each order
  • Order management system, members, customers
  • Full control of the warehouse
  • Product inventory
  • Full HTTPS / SSL support
  • VAT calculation in various ways.
  • Select meta description on all content pages (SEO)
  • Ability to synchronize with ERP of the market
Intralob - E-shop - Online Store

Price list


  • UP TO 5.000 PRODUCTS


  • UP TO 10.000 PRODUCTS


  • UP TO 50.000 PRODUCTS


  • UP TO 100.000 PRODUCTS

E-shop applications

Open-Source and Free

Open source means transparent. OpenCart comes with free downloads and updates. Zero monthly fees.

Powerful Store Management

Benefit from our built-in SEO. Easy manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more.

Extensions and Themes

The biggest eCommerce selections of modules and themes to expand your store functionality.

Support You Can Trust

We’ve got you covered. OpenCart offers free community or dedicated commercial support.

Build an eshop with WordPress

The construction of eshop with wordpress is the ideal modern and economical solution in creating an online store. The construction of e-shop wordpress brought the revolution in the construction of e-shop, because it results in the construction of dynamic online sales websites with a fresh look, modern, impressive effects and impeccable functionality at low cost of building an e-shop. Wordpress eshop is based on the woocommerce platform, a highly dynamic & fast-growing software that is extremely popular and is preferred by thousands of businesses as well as wordpress, the main platform of the website.

WordPress eshop, dynamic, flexible, economical eshop

By creating an e-shop with wordpress, you get a dynamic online store that is very friendly to Google and search engines, high aesthetics, modern technology at a low price. The easy-to-use wordpress eshop features make game management even for the most novice internet user. With the construction of an e-shop with wordpress you do not need to pay maintenance and content renewal costs, since the process is very easy. The wordpress website with woocomerse eshop covers all the needs of presentation and electronic sale of products. The worpress eshop is the "multi-tool" website since it is a website, online store and blog with excellent functionality in everything.

Joomla eshop construction

The construction of the joomla e-shop, the great dynamic open source platform, gives modern technological online stores of professional prestige. The joomla eshop covers small and large electronic product sales needs, leaving their owner completely satisfied. For the construction of the joomla e-shop we use the Virtuemart & Hikashop platforms, the software that works with joomla to create professional eshop.

Joomla eshop - a powerful online store and website together

With the construction of joomla eshop you get a dynamic website with an online store in 1 page, with modern responsive design that corresponds to all sizes of devices. The joomla eshop is a complete e-commerce solution used internationally by thousands of companies. It is a very popular eshop due to its powerful software with easy operation but also the huge possibilities it offers to the owner of the online store for modern and complete product management, without having to have technical knowledge to be able to manage it easily. With the creation of ehop joomla, it becomes easy to manage the e-shop without the need for technical knowledge.

Construction of eshop Prestashop

Building an eshop with prestashop is usually preferred in creating eshop with thousands of codes, since prestashop is a purely online trading platform designed to help medium and large businesses sell their products online. Prestashop is a purely online store that has a range of tools suitable for online store managers (eshop manager), is connected to many bridges (skroutz, erp, etc.) and has an upgraded panel of statistics.

Prestashop advanced "big" eshop construction systems

Prestashop has an integrated advanced stock management section that can help you manage supplies from many warehouses. Prestashop offers useful back-office shipping options with customized pricing and an advanced product search system. The complexity of prestashop does not help in easy-to-use management and requires professional management of the online store, which is why most prestashop owners entrust its management to professionals.


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